Using Employment Verification Form to Document Work Experience

The following guidelines apply to this form:

  • Each submitted form must contain: the dates of employment; hours worked per week; name and address of the company; and the supervising professional’s name, license number, license issue date/expiration date, original signature, and date.
  • Each form must not contain any alterations or corrections. The Board will not accept or evaluate a form that contains corrections.
  • Candidates may photocopy blank forms; however, the signature must be original. The Board will not accept or evaluate forms without original signatures.

Candidates should keep current on their submissions of the Employment Verification Form. The Board recommends that candidates keep a supply of forms on hand and submit one at least every six months.

When the Board receives a new Employment Verification Form, an evaluation update is completed and a notice is mailed to the candidate advising of his or her current file status. Candidates may request an update of their status at any time throughout the year.

Work Experience Defined

"Work Experience" may refer to experience that candidates use to meet the educational requirement or the additional three years of experience required prior to a candidate being eligible to take the CSE. For most candidates, the additional three years of experience is obtained while fulfilling the AXP requirement.


The examination aspect of licensure is satisfied by successfully completing both the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and the California Supplemental Examination (CSE). Detailed information is available about each examination in their respective section of this website.