Architectural Experience Program (AXP)


The AXP is the nationally recognized internship program administered by NCARB that involves the compilation and maintenance of a record of internship activity reflecting structured exposure to six experience areas of architectural practice.

The AXP was developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Define areas of architectural practice in which interns should acquire basic knowledge and skills
  • Encourage additional training in the broad aspects of architectural practice
  • Provide the highest quality information and advice about educational, internship, and professional issues and opportunities
  • Provide a uniform system for documentation and periodic assessment of internship activity
  • Provide greater access to educational opportunities designed to enrich training

The AXP includes 96 tasks that are completed, which total at least 3,740 hours, in six experience areas—Practice Management, Project Management, Programming & Analysis, Project Planning & Design, Project Development & Documentation, and Construction & Evaluation. These six experience areas are based on NCARB’s 2012 Practice Analysis of Architecture. The Board grants between three and five years of experience credit to a candidate who has completed their AXP.

NCARB is the administrator of the AXP and has defined all aspects of the program in the AXP Guidelines, including fees, entry points, training requirements, hours required per category, allowable training settings and conditions, supervisor/mentor roles and responsibilities, and record keeping procedures. Detailed information about the AXP requirement can be found by clicking the Overview tab under the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) link on NCARB’s website.