2015 Edition, Issue 3

Common Violations of the Act

2014–15 Complaints/Dispositions

Complaints Received292
Complaints Closed337
Letters of Advisement Issued185
Citations Issued47
Fines Assessed$78,000
Disciplinary Actions Initiated5
Referrals for Criminal Action1

The Board has an active Enforcement Program designed to ensure the laws and regulations governing the practice of architecture in California are enforced in a fair and judicious manner. The Enforcement Program is charged with investigating all complaints received by the Board and taking action against licensees and unlicensed individuals, including candidates, who have violated the provisions of the Architects Practice Act.

The majority of the complaints received are filed by consumers for allegations such as unlicensed practice, professional misconduct, negligence, and contract violations, or initiated by the Board upon the failure of a coursework audit. The 2014–15 Complaints/Dispositions table depicts the number of complaints received by the Board and dispositions during fiscal year 2014/15.

The Board strongly urges licensees and candidates to become familiar with the Architects Practice Act (Act) and avoid the potential of a complaint being filed. The following are some common violations of the Act (with links to further information) that often result in the issuance of a citation with an administrative fine or disciplinary action by the Board: