2017 Edition, Issue 3

Subscriber List Reminder

Receiving email notifications from the California Architects Board (Board) could not be easier. Simply join our subscriber list on the Board’s website. You will then be connected to new issues of California Architects (official Board newsletter), notified when the Board or its committees hold meetings, and receive amendments to the Architects Practice Act. Receive as many or as few notifications as you would like. You choose the lists to join.

Joining the subscriber list can be done utilizing the following steps:

  • Visit the Board’s website at cab.ca.gov.
  • Select the Board Subscriber List link in the navigation bar under "About Us."
  • Choose the list(s) you would like to join.
  • Enter the email address at which you would like to receive notifications and then submit (a confirmation email for each list you selected will be sent to the email address provided).
  • Review the list(s) you selected by following the instructions in the confirmation email(s).