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2018 Edition, Issue 4


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Business Entity Reporting Requirement

Licensees are required to file a Business Entity Report Form with the California Architects Board that specifies the proper and current name and address of each business entity through which they provide architectural services. It is important to immediately notify the Board of any changes to this information.

This business entity reporting requirement, codified in Business and Professions Code (BPC) § 5558, provides the public and the Board with a means to determine if a business offering or providing architectural services does in fact have an architect in responsible control of those services.

Architectural Interior
Architectural Interior

Licensees should comply with this requirement by completing a Business Entity Report Form for each business entity through which they provide architectural services and mailing, faxing, or emailing it to the Board. Failure to comply with this requirement is a violation of BPC § 5558 and California Code of Regulations § 104 and can result in a citation with an administrative fine of up to $1,000 or disciplinary action by the Board.