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2019 Edition, Issue 1


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Online License Renewal by Credit/Debit Card

The California Architects Board (Board) is now accepting online credit/debit card payments for license renewals. The Board has launched this Interim Credit Card Acceptance Portal (ICCAP) as we continue working with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Office of Information Services team to complete its ongoing business modernization project.

For some licensees, the "check or cash" payment method may still be the preferred option and will remain available. However, online renewals will expedite processing of license renewals by promptly renewing a license and issuing the new license the following day, a processing time reduction of up to eight weeks. ICCAP will be available to those who have completed their coursework, have no changes to their name or address, and have no other issues related to their license. An informational insert is now included with license renewals.

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Pay Online