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2021 Edition, Issue 2


A Publication of the California Architects Board ■ Public Protection Through Examination, Licensure, and Regulation

President’s Message

Tian Feng
Tian Feng

Let’s Get Strategic

Planning is an everyday occurrence, and when preparing for important experiences such as college, vacations, or weddings, much time and contemplation is required. This year is an exciting planning year for the Board because a new strategic plan will be developed in September. The strategic plan sets priorities for the Board’s goals and the architecture profession in California. The strategic plan process involves focused vision and deliberation.

During the strategic planning session, the Board considers innovative ideas to establish tasks for the following goals:

  • Professional Qualifications – education, experience, and examination requirements.
  • Regulation and Enforcement – regulatory standards of practice for architects and protects consumers by enforcing laws, codes, and standards.
  • Communications – communicates awareness of the Board’s mission, activities and services.
  • Organization Effectiveness – customer service and relations with stakeholders to further the Board’s mission and goals.

I encourage input from California architects, consumers, and architectural organizations. You can help shape strategic plan tasks by providing your perspective and priorities for future policies, procedures, and regulation.

Please email the Board with your thoughts at