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The rules and regulations relating to architects, including the authority of the California Architects Board (Board), are set forth in the Architects Practice Act (Act) and the Board’s implementing regulations. All citations refer to the version in effect at the time of the violation.

The Board has an active enforcement program designed to ensure that the laws governing the practice of architecture are enforced in a fair and judicious manner. The program entails consumer education publications, a local building official support program, and professional information outreach designed to prevent and assist in the early detection of violations.

The Board’s enforcement program attempts to address three main goal areas articulated in its mission statement and set as specific goals:

  • Establishing regulatory standards of practice for those licensed as architects
  • Increasing public awareness of the Board’s mission, activities, and services
  • Protecting consumers by preventing violations, and effectively enforcing laws, codes, and standards when violations occur

The Board is responsible for receiving and screening complaints against licensees and performing some of the investigation into these complaints. The Board also retains the authority to make final decisions on all enforcement actions taken against its licensees.

Every effort is made to ensure that enforcement information is correct. You should contact the Board to inquire if a licensee has had disciplinary action prior to July 1997, to obtain further information on specific violations for a person listed, or before making any decision based upon this information.

In addition to Board’s database, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) also has a disciplinary actions database.

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