Family Support Non-Payment

State agencies are prohibited from issuing or renewing the professional or vocational licenses of "support debtors" (those who are more than 30 days late in making periodic payments on a support arrearage, or in making periodic payments on a reimbursement for public assistance, as set forth in a judgment or order for support). This law affects almost anyone who is issued a California professional or vocational license. Those who fail to comply with such judgments will be notified and given an opportunity for review by the district attorney and for a judicial review. The California Department of Social Services (DSS) consolidates the lists prepared by the local district attorneys and distributes the lists to specified licensing agencies. If the Board receives information that an applicant is non-compliant with an order for support, only a temporary 150-day license is issued. Upon compliance with the order for support, a release is issued by the district attorney and a license is issued for the remainder of the license term. After 150 days, if a license is denied because of non-compliance, the funds paid by the applicant are non-refundable.