Business Entity Report Form (BERF) Information

The California Architects Board (Board) is charged with protecting the public health, safety, and welfare through examination, licensure, and regulation. A key component of that charge is providing the public with information about architects allowing consumers to make informed decisions when selecting a firm or licensee, as well as enforcing the Architects Practice Act (Act) to prevent unlicensed individuals from harming consumers.

The California Legislature enacted Assembly Bill 1144 (Chapter 313, Statutes of 2001) to provide more information to consumers and assist the Board with the investigation of those who choose to unlawfully practice architecture. This legislation added Business and Professions Code (BPC) section 5558 to the Act. This section requires every person holding a license to practice architecture in California to report to the Board the name and address of the entity through which he or she provides architectural services. For reporting purposes, the term "architectural services" are those services as defined in BPC section 5500.1.

All licensees who provide architectural services whether they are sole proprietors, owners, part-owners, or employees of a business entity are required to comply with this provision of the Act. BPC section 5558 provides the public and the Board with a means to determine if a business providing architectural services does in fact have an architect in responsible control.

The Act requires licensees to immediately notify the Board of any name and/or address changes. Additionally, licensees are required to file an updated Business Entity form with the new information within 30 days of any change.