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2019 Edition, Issue 2


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Architect Licensure Handbook

The California Architects Board (Board) has been working on the development of an online resource for those who are seeking a California architect license. The result of our efforts is the new Architect Licensure Handbook (Handbook) that will provide the essential information for candidates interested in pursuing licensure.

The Handbook will explain how to become an architect, define the requirements for licensure, describe the common paths used to receive a license, and clarify the post-licensure basics. The Handbook will also serve as a portal to other online licensure resources from collateral organizations, such as the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. To assist candidates further, a step-by-step checklist is included to outline the licensure process in an easy to follow manner.

The Handbook will be available on our website under candidates and publications later this summer.

Architect Licensure Handbook
Architect Licensure Handbook