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2019 Edition, Issue 2


A Publication of the California Architects Board ■ Public Protection Through Examination, Licensure, and Regulation

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The California Architects Board (Board) has an objective to increase the use of its social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The objective is to provide a faster method of communicating with candidates, licensees, and consumers.

Advances in technology and the increased use of social media has replaced traditional methods of communication. Several reasons are because it is easy to use, quicker to reach a large audience, and versatile (changes or updates can be made once information has been published and the change is immediate). While our newsletter can be informative, social media can be more immediate and responsive.

While the Board will publish newsletters less frequently, we still want to provide useful communication; therefore, we will be increasing social media posts.

Follow the Board and tag it in posts using the following social media sites:

Facebook: @CaliforniaArchitectsBoard
Instagram: caarchitectsboard
LinkedIn: California Architects Board
Twitter: @CAArchitectsBd