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2021 Edition, Issue 3


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California Architects Board (CAB)

What was the significance of architecture in the year 1901? Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Willits House in Highland Park, Illinois; the Union Trust Company Building in Providence, Rhode Island was built (designed by Stone, Carpenter & Willison); and the Philadelphia City Hall opened (designed by Thomas Ustick Walter and John McArthur, Jr.) — just to name a few.

An event even more significant to California architecture occurred on March 23, 1901, when Governor Henry Gage approved the Act to Regulate the Practice of Architecture, creating the State Board of Architecture. The name of our Board has evolved over the years, but our important consumer protection mission has remained constant. CAB regulates the practice of architecture and protects consumers and licensees by:

  • Establishing professional qualifications, ensuring competence through examinations, and setting practice standards;
  • enforcing the Architects Practice Act; and
  • educating consumers about how to hire architects.

CAB’s ten members are appointed by the Governor and the Legislature, and provide policy direction and leadership. CAB consists of five architect members and five public members, it meets quarterly, and is always interested in feedback. Additionally, the meetings are open to the public and participation is encouraged.

CAB’s Executive Officer, Laura Zuniga, directs 31 employees in the areas of administration, examinations/licensing, and enforcement.

CAB’s current licensee population is approximately 22,000 architects — the most of any state in the nation. California’s unique buildings are a testament to the talents of its architects.

Since 1997, CAB has also overseen the duties, responsibilities, and jurisdiction of the Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC), which regulates landscape architects.  LATC is structured as a committee of the Board. Please get to know LATC by reading the next article in this issue of the newsletter.

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Landscape Architects Technical Committee

Under the purview of the Board, the Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC) regulates the practice of landscape architecture in California, which includes more than 3,700 active licensees. The five-member committee consists of technical experts who are licensed to practice landscape architecture in this state. The Governor appoints three of the members, one is appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, and one is appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.

Landscape architects offer an essential array of talent and expertise to develop and implement solutions for the built and natural environment.  Based on environmental, physical, social, and economic considerations, landscape architects produce overall guidelines, reports, master plans, conceptual plans, construction contract documents, and construction oversight for landscape projects that create a balance between the needs and wants of people and the limitations of the environment.  The decisions and performance of landscape architects affect the health, safety, and welfare of the client, as well as the public and the environment. 

LATC activities benefit consumers in two important ways.  First, regulation protects the public at large; and second, regulation protects consumers of services rendered by landscape architects. It is imperative to ensure those who hire landscape architects are protected from incompetent or dishonest landscape architects.
A team of five dedicated support staff facilitate the LATC’s vision as a champion for consumer protection and a safer built environment for the people of California. Find LATC on Twitter: @CA_LATC.