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2021 Edition, Issue 3


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President’s Message

Tian Feng
Tian Feng

Another Step Forward Toward Climate Resiliency

Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1010 into law on September 16, 2021. It requires California architects to complete five hours of continuing education (CE) coursework regarding zero net carbon design (ZNCD) for all license renewals after January 1, 2023. The American Institute of Architects California (AIA CA) sponsored the bill. "Keeping the architectural profession at the forefront of the efforts to address our world's climate emergency is a key focus for AIA CA. This new requirement for continuing education units, which specifically target carbon's impact in the built environment, aligns with that mission to ensure architects throughout the state (and beyond) remain informed and empowered to act during this critical moment in time," said Brett Dougherty, President of AIA CA.

The California Architects Board’s Professional Qualifications Committee recently completed an in-depth review of CE requirements related to the evolution of architectural practices during the past three decades. The committee presented a comprehensive outline for continued education modernization, which included climate resiliency and carbon reduction; therefore, ZNCD is a fitting subject. The next step is for the Board to start the regulatory process to adopt regulations to establish qualifications for courses and course providers by July 1, 2024.

The current five hours of Americans Disability Act (ADA) CE required by statute will remain unchanged. Architects will benefit from completing an additional five hours of CE on ZNCD. I believe this requirement will encourage California architects to become even more climate resilient conscious in their practices. Consumers will benefit by having their buildings designed by architects who can lower carbon emission and energy consumption for years to come.

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