Architectural Experience Program (AXP)


The following individuals may be exempt from the AXP requirement if the specified conditions are met:

  1. Reciprocity candidates with NCARB Certification will be exempt from the AXP requirement upon the Board’s receipt of the candidate’s NCARB Certificate Council Record transmitted by NCARB.
  2. Reciprocity candidates without NCARB Certification who submit documentation that substantiates three years of practice as a licensed architect in another state.
  3. Candidates who are licensed architects in qualifying foreign countries will be required to either complete the AXP/IAP and submit proof OR submit proof of licensure in a qualifying foreign country along with test scores, complete/attach an Employment Verification Form (EVF) documenting five years of architecture practice as a licensed architect with at least one year of experience under the direct supervision of an architect licensed in a US jurisdiction or two years of experience under an architect registered in a Canadian province, and documenting five years of education equivalents.