Continuing Education (CE)

Coursework Audits

The Board is required to conduct CE coursework audits to determine compliance. Coursework records documenting completion must be retained for at least two years from the date of license renewal. The documentation must include the following:

  • Course title
  • Subjects covered
  • Name of provider
  • Name of educator or trainer
  • Date of completion
  • Number of hours completed
  • Statement about the trainer’s or educator’s knowledge and experience

Audits are conducted via a paperless process. Architects selected for an audit will receive an email from the Board with a request for documentation. The Board recommends architects keep their email address current and set a rule that allows receipt of emails from Failure to respond may result in a citation, which may have a monetary penalty, or disciplinary action.

Coursework documentation can be submitted through our online submission portal by either the architect or the course provider. Documentation will be reviewed to determine whether an architect has complied with the mandatory CE requirement. Alternately, an architect may mail their documentation to the Board; however, this may result is a delay in performing an audit.

Architects will be notified of the audit results via email. Failure of an audit may result in a citation, which may include a monetary penalty, or disciplinary action.