2015 Edition, Issue 3


NCARB has indicated that ARE 5.0 will be released in late 2016. Visit NCARB’s and the Board’s websites for more information or sign up to receive ARE updates directly from NCARB.

No. Once a candidate has been granted eligibility to take ARE 5.0, they will be unable to take ARE 4.0.

NCARB has released an ARE 5.0 Credit Model that identifies the transitional credit between ARE 4.0 and ARE 5.0 divisions. NCARB is also in the process of developing an interactive ARE Credit Model, called a transition calculator, that will be linked to a candidate’s NCARB Record to provide candidate specific transition information.

 ARE 5.0 divisions that inherit multiple divisions will be assigned the Rolling Clock date of the oldest passed division. Therefore, the Rolling Clock date will be assigned to the division expiring first.

 ARE 4.0 will continue to be offered until June 30, 2018, at which point all ARE 4.0 divisions will be transitioned to ARE 5.0 divisions