2015 Edition, Issue 3

Test Activity Status Date

Candidates encounter numerous dates and deadlines to observe while pursuing their respective path to licensure. One of the more important dates of which to be aware (perhaps even more so than the Architect Registration Examination [ARE] Rolling Clock deadline) is the Test Activity Status (TAS) expiration date.

Since January 1, 2011, the Board grants eligible ARE candidates a five-year window of eligibility within which they must take (pass or fail) at least one ARE division to be considered active and remain eligible to test. The five-year eligibility window is distinct and separate from the ARE Rolling Clock, which relates to the validity period of examination results.

The TAS expiration date is established when a candidate is first authorized by the Board to take the ARE and is subsequently extended five years each time an ARE division is taken. For instance, a candidate who is first authorized to take the ARE on May 27, 2015 would have a corresponding TAS expiration date of May 27, 2020. Should the same candidate take an ARE division on August 16, 2015, the TAS expiration date would then be extended to August 16, 2020. Each time a candidate takes an ARE division, the TAS expiration date is extended to five years from the date of the exam. A candidate can locate their respective TAS expiration date in the My Examination portal of their NCARB Record.

However, if a candidate does not take an ARE division prior to the TAS expiration date, then eligibility to test will expire and the candidate will be unable to schedule any examinations until reauthorized by the Board. Such a candidate, who wishes to continue the licensing process must reapply with the Board and meet the eligibility and licensure requirements in effect at the time they reapply. Presently, this would include documenting completion of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ (NCARB) Intern Development Program.

The Board recommends candidates stay informed about their respective TAS expiration date by periodically checking it through NCARB’s My Examination portal.