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2018 Edition, Issue 2


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Outreach Posters

The Communications Committee in collaboration with the Board members designed and disseminated two posters as a method of outreach for those with interest to practice architecture. These posters were disseminated throughout the state to community colleges with architecture related programs and to veteran career counseling centers.

As you know, the Board values and respects diverse pathways into the architecture profession, and California has the most flexible licensure requirements for architects in the nation. In fact, a college/university degree in architecture is not required for licensure; candidates are eligible to begin testing for the Architect Registration Examination® after completing five years of architectural experience.

Community college programs represent a tremendous resource that has launched many successful careers. An Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree plus work experience under an architect may qualify a candidate to take the required examinations to become an architect.

Veterans’ military experience, training, and leadership which are enhanced by their ability to organize, lead, analyze, and formulate solutions to complex situations are all characteristics well-suited for a career in architecture.

To request copies of the posters, please contact the Board at (916) 574-7220 or email at

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